Terry Allen - Smokin' the Dummy
    1. The Heart of California (for Lowell George) (Terry Allen) - 4:26
    2. Cocaine Cowboy (Terry Allen) - 3:01
    3. Whatever Happened to Jesus (and Maybeline) (Terry Allen, Chuck Berry) - 4:36
    4. Helena Montana (Terry Allen) - 3:34
    5. Texas Tears (Terry Allen) - 4:11
    6. Cajun Roll (Terry Allen) - 3:34
    7. Feelin' Easy (Terry Allen) - 2:58
    8. The Night Cafè (Terry Allen) - 3:56
    9. Roll Truck Roll (Terry Allen) - 4:59
    10. Red Bird (Terry Allen) 4:20
    11. The Lubbock Tornado (I Don't Know) (Terry Allen) - 4:26


    Terry Allen: Piano, Clavinet, Vocals
    Lloyd Maines: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Pedal Steel, Telecaster Slide, Dobro, Banjo, Harmony Vocals
    Kenny Maines: Bass, Tambourine, Harmony Vocals
    Donnie Maines: Drums, Harmony Vocals
    Richard Bowden: Fiddle, Cello, Mandolin, Truck Noise Theory, Harmony Vocals
    Jesse Taylor: Electric Guitar, Harmony Vocals
    Joe Ely: Harmonica
    Ponty Bone: Accordion
    Alan Shinn: Wee-roo & Black Ace Pocket Comb, Jaw Bone, Congas, Tamborine
    Mike Meyers: Tymbalis, Congas
    Monte Williams: Synthesizer, Clavinet
    Tommy Anderson: Trumpet, Tuba, Hats
    Mark Anthony: Slide Trombone
    Jack Delahunty: Clarinet
    Don Caldwell: Saxophone
    Jo Harvey Allen: Hot Beef, Tornado Harmony

    Production Credits:

    Lloyd Maines: Producer, Engineer, Mixer
    Terry Allen: Producer, Engineer, Mixer
    Jack Lemon: Executive Producer
    Ethel Lemon: Executive Producer
    Don Cadwell: Engineer, Mixer
    Jo Harvey Allen: Photography
    Bukka Cain-Allen: 'The Dummy' Concept, Make Up

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words