Texas Tears - Terry Allen

    I been wrong for so long
    Accusing you of wrongness
    But tonight ... you broke
    And you made me right
    Cause I just saw you inside
    This Texas tavern
    By his side ... smiling smiles
    I never seen
    So I just straightened up
    And walked in on that bar room
    Just as you reached out and kissed
    His curling mouth
    But when you saw me your eyes died
    Somewhere deep inside you
    It tore me down ... I turned around
    And ran back on out

    With Texas tears failing down
    Washing my life right out on the ground
    Texas tears they're falling down
    Running out ... on you running around

    I went home all alone
    Sit down by the telephone
    When it rang ... I knew it was you
    Was on the line
    You said
    "Baby, please don't mistake
    What you seen for a backstreet date
    Now ... I was just havin a drink
    With a friend of mine"
    I said
    "Damn you ... you lyin Texas woman
    You got the lips of an angel
    But the devil, he's suckin your tongue
    Yeah damn you ... you lyin Texas woman
    Me an you an that devil too
    Just done had our run"


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words