The Night Café - Terry Allen

    Yeah the truck drivin man
    He gonna understand
    When he pulls into the night café
    He gonna walk right in
    Where there's too many men
    Wantin hamburgers right away
    When he finally finds a booth
    He calls to waitress "Ruth"
    He says "Gimme the special ah the day"
    Hot beef
    Yeah but Ruth gets goosed
    At the opposite booth
    An she runs off the other way
    But he don’t care cause...

    That old jukebox is playing his love song
    An the coffee is hot ... In the cup
    And there's a light in the night
    That spells 'Cafe'
    Where the big trucks are all ... pullin up

    Yeah truck drivin man
    He got a mouth full of sin
    But his heart looks the other way
    An though they hot-eye Ruth
    Well they know the truth
    Is ‘sweet gal’ down the way
    So they cuss an they grin
    They fill their thermos again
    And they listen to the music
    They got a heavy load
    Waitin out on the road
    An a home still two days away
    But they can wait for it


    Yeah the truck drivin man
    He gonna understand
    When he leaves that night café
    He gonna dance a jig
    Out beside his rig
    Just to shake the cold away
    He gonna slam the door
    An let the diesel roar
    Down the dark highway
    But he has no fears
    While he's shiftin gears
    To that next ... night cafe
    Cause he knows glowin there
    Like a diamond in the tar pit


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words