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What I Have
1978 This Years Model COLUMBIA RECORDS PC 35331 1LP 000283
1981 Trust COLUMBIA RECORDS PC 37051 1LP 000284
1981 Almost Blue COLUMBIA RECORDS PC 37562 1LP 000285
1982 Imperial Bedroom COLUMBIA RECORDS PC 38157 1LP 000287
1983 Punch The Clock F-BEAT RECORDS XXLP19/ZL25464 1LP 000286
1984 Goodbye Cruel World COLUMBIA RECORDS PC 39429 1LP 000288
1986 Tokio Storm Warning Part 1&2 Black Sails In The Sunset IMP RECORDS IMP 007T 1EP 000290
1987 Out Of Our Idiot E.c. Rare And Ureleased Cuts DEMON RECORDS X FIEND 67 1LP 000289
1989 Spike WARNER BROS RECORDS INC. 925848-1 1LP 001125

Other I don 't Have and I'm Looking for