Elvis Costello - Out of Our Idiot
    1. Seven Day Weekend (Cliff/Costello)
    2. Turning the Town Red (Costello)
    3. Heathen Town (Costello)
    4. People's Limousine (Coward)
    5. So Young (Burstin/Camilleri/Faehse)
    6. Little Goody Two Shoes (Costello)
    7. American Without Tears, No. 2 (MacManus)
    8. Get Yourself Another Fool (Hayward/Tucker)
    9. Walking on Thin Ice (Ono)
    10. Withered and Died (Thompson)
    11. Blue Chair (MacManus)
    12. Baby It's You (Bacharach/David/Williams)
    13. From Head to Toe (Robinson)
    14. Shoes Without Heels (MacManus)
    15. Baby's Got a Brand New Hairdo (MacManus)
    16. Flirting Kind (Costello)
    17. Black Sails in the Sunset (Costello)
    18. Town Called Big Nothing (Really Big... (MacManus)
    19. Big Sister (Costello)
    20. Imperial Bedroom (Costello)
    21. Stamping Ground (Costello)


    Elvis Costello: Guitar, Vocals
    James Burton: Guitar
    Steve Nieve: Keyboards
    Gary Barnacle: Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor)
    T-Bone Burnett: Guitar
    Mickey Curry: Drums
    Nick Lowe: Bass, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
    David Miner: Bass
    Cait O'Riordan: Vocals
    Jerry Scheff: Bass
    Bruce Thomas: Bass, Saxophone
    Pete Thomas: Percussion, Drums
    Ron Tutt: Drums
    Tom "T-Bone" Wolk: Bass
    Henry Coward: Guitar (Rhythm)
    Howard Coward: Guitar
    Steve Hart: Piano
    Declan MacManus: Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
    Ross MacManus: Trumpet, Handclapping
    Pete Thomas: Saxophone

    Production Credits:

    Elvis Costello: Producer
    Clive Langer: Producer
    T-Bone Burnett: Producer
    Geoff Emerick: Producer
    Colin Fairley: Producer
    Larry Hirsch: Producer
    Nick Lowe: Producer
    Allen Toussaint: Producer
    Alan Winstanley: Producer
    Coward Brothers: Producer
    Declan MacManus: Producer
    Mono-Kings: Producer
    Declan Patrick: Producer

    Marco Giunco
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