Bruce Springsteen - Prodigal Son
    1. The Lady And The Doctor (Bruce Springsteen)
    2. 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (Bruce Springsteen)
    3. Prodigal Son (Bruce Springsteen)
    4. Visitation at Fort Horn (Bruce Springsteen)
    5. Growin' Up (Bruce Springsteen)
    6. The Angel (Bruce Springsteen)
    7. Song To Orphans (Bruce Springsteen)
    8. For You (Bruce Springsteen)
    9. Santa Ana (Bruce Springsteen)
    10. Jazz Musician (Bruce Springsteen)
    11. Camilla Horn (Bruce Springsteen)
    12. Seaside Bar Song (Bruce Springsteen)
    13. Arabian Night (Bruce Springsteen)
    14. Family Song (Bruce Springsteen)
    15. New York City Serenade (Bruce Springsteen)
    16. Evacuation To The West - aka "No More Kings In Texas" (Bruce Springsteen)
    17. Jesse (Bruce Springsteen)
    18. Kitty's Back (Bruce Springsteen)
    19. War Nurse (Bruce Springsteen)
    20. Eloise (Bruce Springsteen)
    21. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street? (Bruce Springsteen)
    22. Marie (Bruce Springsteen)
    23. Randolph Street (Master Of Electricity) (Bruce Springsteen)


    Bruce Springsteen: Vocals, Guitar

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