Family Song - Bruce Springsteen

    Well you know when you're young there's such a distance between you and your family
    You just can't see things from the same point of view
    Papa wants a lawyer and mama she wants an author
    And all you want is for them to want you

    Well, I saw lot of bad signs and we had some real bad times back on the east coast.
    And I guess you could say it took California to bring us close
    There was a lot of hard livin' and some stone cold women on the east coast
    And I saw my papa turn away when I need him most
    And California, she's an angel oh so heavenly dressed
    And the Pacific she's a woman The Lord must have loved her best
    I've got a California rainbow come give them thunder clouds a rest
    Oh and the mountain is my friend now, she put me to her test
    Well you know every father has dreams and schemes fo his own kid
    And dreaming it ain't been declaired no capital crime
    But I just hope when I grow up to have my own kids
    That I'll love them all I can and let 'em make their own minds
    Now you know how a mother can hold the son through understanding
    And my father he once held me close by crying
    Whoa, and my mama's love it don't ever leave me standing
    And papa's love it just leaves me smiling
    Whoa, and my mama she's a rainbow,
    gotta see hen on Sunday when she's dressed
    Whoa, and my papa he's a good man, he gives me and mama his best
    Whoa, my mama she's a rainbow, come to give them thunder clouds a rest
    And my family is my friend now California put us through her test


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words