Ronney Abramson - Ronney Abramson
    1. Noah (Ronney Abramson) - 2:44
    2. Smilin' Day Man (Ronney Abramson) - 3:36
    3. Accident (Ronney Abramson) - 2:45
    4. I'm Holdin' Out My Hand (Ronney Abramson) - 2:18
    5. Banana Blues (Ronney Abramson) - 2:25
    6. Purify My River (Ronney Abramson) - 2:39
    7. Ride The Waves (Ronney Abramson) - 3:03
    8. Old Time Friend (Ronney Abramson) - 2:57
    9. And The Child Will Smile (Ronney Abramson) - 2:40
    10. Smithsky'S Bagel Factory Blues (Ronney Abramson) - 4:19


    Don Habib: Bass Guitar, Fuzz Bass
    Richard Provencal: Drums
    Scot Lang: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
    David Spinozza: Electric Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Fuzz Guitar
    Ronney Abramson: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Slide Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar Piano
    Claude Denjean: Strings
    Florian Richard: Bass Guitar
    Mark Kennedy: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
    Paul Baillargeon: Piano, Harmonium
    Don Audet: Harmonica
    Andre Perry: Percussion
    Alex Waters: Bass Guitar
    Serge Bouige: Percussion

    Production Credits:

    Catherine Hudelot: Pictures
    Ronald Labelle: Pictures
    Catherine Hudelot: Pictures
    Claude Demers: Assistants
    Nelson Vipond: Assistants
    Ian Terry: Assistants
    Andre Perry: Engineer, Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words