The Black Sorrows - Better Times

Recorded at Metropolis Audio between January & February 1992

    1. Better Times (Jo Camilleri, Laurie Polec)
    2. Come On, Come On (Jo Camilleri, Laurie Polec)
    3. Ain't Love The Strangest (Jo Camilleri, Laurie Polec)
    4. A Night Like This (Jo Camilleri, Laurie Polec)
    5. Too Long Gone (Jo Camilleri, Laurie Polec)
    6. Stella (Jo Camilleri, Laurie Polec)
    7. Steps Of Time (Jo Camilleri, Laurie Polec)
    8. Bitter Cup (Jo Camilleri, Nick Smith)
    9. Sweet Inspiration (Jo Camilleri, Laurie Polec)
    10. Storm Wind (Jo Camilleri, Laurie Polec)
    11. Resurrection (Jo Camilleri, Laurie Polec)


    Jo Camilleri: Lead Vocals, Soprano Saxophone, Horns, Vocals (bckgr), Wobble Guitar, Harmonica, Hammond Organ,
                         Slide Guitar
    Jeff Burstin: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Mandolin, Slide, Dobro
    James Black: Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer Piano, Harmonium, Guitar, Squeeze Box, 6 String Wobble Bass
    Stephen Hadley: Bass, Double Bass, 6 String Bass
    Peter Luscombe: Drums
    Michael Barker: Percussion
    Venetta Fields: Extra Vocals
    Robbie Burke: Horns
    Linda Bull: Vocals (bckgr), Lead Vocals
    Vika Bull: Vocals (bckgr), Lead Vocals
    Sam See: Slide Guitar, Lead Guitar, Lap Steel
    Paul Williamson: Baritone Saxophone
    Ian Moss: Lead Guitar
    Jen Anderson: Violin
    Lucky Oceans: Pedal Steel Guitar
    John Barrett: Recorder, Flute
    Joe Creighton: Extra Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Jo Camilleri: Producer
    Ian McKenzie: Engineer, Mixing
    Cameron Craig: Additional Engineer
    Robin Mai: Assistent
    Leon Zervos: Mastering

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words