Storm Wind - Jo Camilleri, Laurie Polec

    There's a storm wind
    Blowin' through this town
    It's a long, long way to where I am bound
    And my heart beats
    Like a ragged drum
    To where my lover is waiting
    I'll carry this song

    Watch the wild birds fly
    Into the turning light
    Feel the ghost of the past
    Turn in me like a knife
    If I had my way
    I'd be in your arms tonight
    But I'm stuck here in Charlestown
    See the midnight train pullin'
    Out of sight

    Oh mamma can you hear me call?
    In the distant wind
    So keep the candle burnin'
    Cause I'll be back again
    And I swear to God almighty
    This place can burn in hell
    So keep a candle burnin'
    And ring that freedom bell

    Another cold grey morning
    Snow is all around
    So many roads, so many dreams
    Are haunting me now
    And I would give all my tomorrows
    To hold you once again
    Will you shelter me
    Will you carry me there


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words