Little Feat - Time Loves a Hero
    1. Time Loves a Hero (Barrere/Gradney/Payne) - 3:47
    2. Hi Roller (Barrere) - 3:35
    3. New Delhi Freight Train (Allen) - 3:42
    4. Old Folks Boogie (Barrere) - 3:31
    5. Red Streamliner (Payne/Tate) - 4:44
    6. Keepin' up with the Joneses (Barrere/George) - 3:51
    7. Rocket in My Pocket (George) - 3:25
    8. Missin' You (Barrere) - 2:21
    9. Day at the Dog Races (Barrere/Clayton/Gradney/Hayward/Payne) - 6:27


    Michael McDonald: Vocals
    Paul Barrére: Guitar, Vocals
    Lowell George: Guitar, Vocals, Slide Guitar
    Patrick Simmons: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals
    Jeff Baxter: Dobro, Guitar
    Emilio Castillo: Saxophone, Sax (Tenor)
    Sam Clayton: Percussion, Conga, Vocals
    Nick DeCaro: String Arrangements
    Mic Gillette: Trombone, Trumpet, Horn
    Kenny Gradney: Bass, Guitar (Bass)
    Richard Hayward: Percussion, Drums, Vocals
    Stephen "Doc" Kupka: Saxophone, Sax (Baritone)
    Bill Payne: Synthesizer, Percussion, Keyboards, Marimbas, Vocals, Moog Synthesizer, Oberheim
    Lenny Pickett: Saxophone, Sax (Alto)
    Fred Tackett: Guitar, Mandolin, Trumpet, Mandocello
    Greg Adams: Trumpet

    Production Credits:

    Donn Landee: Engineer, Photography
    Kent Nebergall: Assistant Engineer
    Ted Templeman: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words