Red Streamliner - Bill Payne and Fran Tate 
    Red streamliner rollin'

    rollin' down the track the things you see
    With your wheels in motion through desert, mountain, ocean
    I hear you every night, is it a dream?

    Red streamliner rollin' down, comin' down on me
    Red streamliner rollin', rollin' long so free
    Your past keeps comin' back on me
    To far and near, away from here

    Where people move a mile a minute
    This hurricane livin' with you and me in it
    Long into the night, that whistle offers light

    Red streamliner rollin'
    I wish you'd tell me 'bout the things you see
    I'm lookin', lookin' down the tracks you ride
    Knowin' that they're your only guide
    I see them every night, is it a dream?
    And when the sidewalks roll up at night
    Just as stations pass by

    Once the leader of the wild, wild west
    Hurricane livin' been a lifelong song
    Now you're cast of steel and cast aside
    Broken dreams maybe, but you haven't died


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words