Dirk Hamilton - Meet Me on the Road (Bootleg)

Recorded live at the Cinnamon Club Savannah, Georgia June, 15, 1979

    1. Los Gatos (Dirk Hamilton)
    2. Grow A Rose  (Dirk Hamilton)
    3. Heroes of the Night (Dirk Hamilton)
    4. The Ballad of Dicky Pferd (Dirk Hamilton)
    5. Tell a Vision Time (Dirk Hamilton)
    6. In the Eyes of the Night (Dirk Hamilton)
    7. How Do You Fight Fire? (Dirk Hamilton)


    Dirk Hamilton: Vocals, Acoustic  Guitar, Electric  Guitar
    Don Evans: Lead Guitar
    James Rolleston: Bass
    Darrell Verdusco: Drums

    Production Credits:

    Rithcie Rigby Smith: Engineer
    Gary Bogtnez: First Second Engineer
    Gene Mezos: Second Second Engineer
    Toby Scott: Remix
    Bill Weinez: Photograpy
    John Gallo: Producer

    N.B. Credits and Production Credits are on back cover but during the concert Dirk call other Musician. It's impossible to understand  the name because of the bad recording.
    Marco Giunco
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