Grow a Rose - Dirk Hamilton

    Nothin' or nobody
    Can tell you what it is about
    The secret of the bloomin's inside-out
    So hide behind your dogma
    Curl up like a cat
    The growlin' of the demons is underneath your hat

    Grow a rose
    For everyone to see
    Growin' roses is the only duty

    Somebody blew a quick change
    And they walked on wearin' one shoe
    Somebody forgot to ring the telephone bell on cue
    The crew became so nervous
    That they were jerkin' up and down the scenes
    And runnin' around in the dark tryin' to avoid the actors

    At the end of the play all the actors will stay in their places
    You pull on the rope but you find that the curtains don't close
    And each of them (thinking that they were the star) expect roses
    A voice speaks from the empty seat
    "Have mercy on this show"


    Standin' arms akimbo
    In thrashin' knee-deep green
    Wonder 'neath the thunder
    Strong like a seed
    Push with every energy
    The bud burst red explosion
    Above the crashin' green ya' see a thousand other roses

    And the bell on the tower will toll every hour for your beauty
    And you will discover the laughter you hear is your own
    Strangers and neighbors will gather to ask you for answers
    But black red roses whisper what a rose can only know


    All songs ©1976 by Rabbit Songs BMI


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words