Bruce Cockburn - Bruce Cockburn

...I'm going to the country
sunshine smile on me...

    1. Going to the Country (Cockburn)
    2. Thoughts on a Rainy Afternoon (Cockburn)
    3. Together Alone (Cockburn)
    4. Bicycle Trip (Cockburn)
    5. Thirteenth Mountain (Cockburn)
    6. Musical Friends (Cockburn)
    7. Change Your Mind (Cockburn)
    8. Man of a Thousand Faces (Cockburn)
    9. Spring Song (Cockburn)
    10. Keep It Open (Cockburn)


    Bruce Cockburn: Guitar, Piano, Drums (Bass), Vocals, Guitar (12 String)
    Gene Martynec: Electronics

    Production Credits:

    Gene Martynec: Producer
    Bill Seddon: Engineer
    Brown: Illustrations, Cover Design
    Cairo: Illustrations, Cover Design
    Vic Anesini: Mastering
    Tim Saunders: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words