I'm looking to be by a window
    that looks out on the sea
    anybody here know
    where such a place is?

    surf of golden sunlight
    breaking over me
    man of a thousand faces

    in the Garden paths take form
    but the hailstorm guards its own
    things forbidden, things unknown
    you must travel on alone

    in memoriam friends come round
    but the hard ground holds its own
    time for pulling, time to ride
    it's my turn but where's the guide?

    on the jetty shadows lie
    and the gulls cry once or twice
    swelling thunder, truth is hid
    behind the glass eye of the idol...
    anybody here know
    where such a place is?

    you know, these city towers,
    jewels on the Serpent's crown,
    twist the space between them
    till every eye is blinded

    Lord will you trade your sunlit ocean
    with its writhing filigree
    for any one of my thousand faces?


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words