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What I Have
1972 Down To Earth BARNABY RECORD Z 30093 1LP 002294
1973 A White Sport Coat And A Pink Crustacen DUNHILL RECORDS (ABC) DSX-50150 1LP 000149
1974 A1a DUNHILL RECORDS (ABC) DSD-50183 1LP 000150
1976 High Cumberlain Jubilee BARNABY RECORD BR-6014-A 1LP 000151
1977 Changes In Latitudes Changes In Attitudes ABC RECORDS AB 990 1LP 000152
1978 Son Of A Son Of A Sailor ABC RECORDS AA 1046 1LP 000153
1978 You Had To Be There ABC RECORDS AK 1008/2 2LP 002263
1979 Volcano MCA RECORDS MCA-5102 1LP 000154
1980 Coconut Telegraph MCA RECORDS MCA-5169 1LP 000155
1990 Feeding Frenzy MCA RECORDS MCAD-10022 1CD 000156

Other I don 't Have and I'm Looking for