Soon Be to Nothing - Emily Saliers
    Kelly Mountain Road saw a heavy load

    With a sagging heart and a break apart
    Voices in me stood as thick as thieves
    With no sympathy for the beggar's art
    I have passed these pines bout a million times
    Now I grip the wheel fear is what I feel
    At the slow unraveling of me

    You tell me it's temporary it's a matter of time
    By God don't you think I know it's in my mind
    It's right over left healing the then
    I'll soon be to nothing but I don't know when

    Well the way I flee on my crooked feet
    Barn happy horse on a one-track course
    The I self-despise cryin' out my eyes
    Cause the happy trail led me to remorse
    But the road is long and my song is gone
    I blow empty in my cicada shell
    If I saw my choice I might find my voice
    But I don't know when and I just can't tell

    Repeat Chorus

    Deep behind my face is a safer place
    But old gears are hitched tight to the gate
    It's a daily grind waiting to unwind
    Till I hear that click that unlocks my fate

    Repeat Chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words