Boats To Build - Guy Clark, Verlon Thompson

    It's time, time for a change
    'Cause I'm tired Of the same old same
    Same old words Same old lines
    Same old tricks and the same old rhymes

    Days precious days they roll in and out....
    They roll in and out Just like waves
    Got boards to bendplanks to nail
    Charts to make I got seas to sail

    So I'll build me a boat, with these two hands
    It'll be a fair curve from a noble plan
    Let the chips fall where they will
    'Cause I got me boats to build

    Sails are just like wings
    When the wind blows, ah it makes 'em sing
    Songs of Life Songs of hope
    Songs to keep your dreams afloat

    Shores distant shores
    That's a place I'll be headed for
    Stars at night to guide my way
    Sail into the light of day

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words