All Night Long - Steven Van Zandt

    Snuck in the barroom, I was just 14
    Man he used to shake 'em down
    He'd turn it up and then he'd make it scream
    But then he put it down

    I used to go just to watch him play
    All night long
    Now all I ever see him do is pray
    All night long
    All night long

    I got a letter from a friend of mine
    It knocked me off my feet
    He said he saw a girl I used to know
    Workin' on the street
    She's the one who helped me find my way
    All night long
    Now you tell me that she's gone astray
    Well, man, I hope you're wrong
    I hope you're wrong
    Well I don't know about it, it's a mystery
    Wish I knew how to walk the straight and narrow
    And still be me, still be me

    I still go back there every now and then
    Just to walk around
    I can't get caught up in them memories
    I'm afraid I'll drown

    I used to try to drink my life away
    All night long
    Now I try to take it day by day
    Right or wrong
    People tell me there's a better way
    All night long
    All I ever want to do is play
    All night long
    All night long


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words