Walk on Lake George - Dirk Hamilton

    We were over at Uncle Art's house
    playin' a game called "In Between"
    Everybody was losin' and the pot was
    huge when the cards came to me
    Uncle Bud dealt me an ace (I called it "low")
    then he rolled out a King
    Cousin Kent said "You don't have enough
    butt in your britches to pot that thing!"
    I said "I'll pot it!
    Yeah, I got it!"
    Then I thought about my wallet
    in my back pocket...
    I lost all my money but I didn't care,
    cuz I was happy just to be with all my friends
    It's Christmas time and I'm home again

    On the way back to Grandma's house
    we turned off by a bridge and
    walked down to the lake
    where Cousin Jimmy said
    "Stomp your boot down cousin!"
    I said "What?"
    He said "Stomp your boot down on the ice...
    just do it!"
    So I stomped my foot down on the ice
    Then way out in the lake
    from under the ice
    came a sound I'd never heard before
    It sounded something like "dongk"
    Then a few seconds later from even
    further out you could hear "dongk, dongk"
    and Jimmy looked at me and laughed
    and took out running over the lake,
    jumped high in the air and came down
    sliding on his shoes
    and pretty soon we were both out there running
    jumpin' and slidin', slippin' and fallin'
    and pushin' each other down and
    rollin' around in the snow on the ice

    All alone in our own winter scene
    like one of them shake-up snowflake things
    there's snow on the ice water below so cold
    Take a Walk on Lake George
    Walk on Lake George

    Snowflakes floating in the air
    everywhere there's snow gentle, soft and deep
    and walkin' on that lake that night
    it was just young Jimmy and me
    walkin' in silence, a magical quiet
    everything so still, a delicate hush

    And Jimmy turned to me and
    said "This is Indiana" and I said yes

    And for the very first time in a long, long time
    in my life I really felt that
    everything with the world was all right

    Beaten down by modern city living violence
    We got a dose of soothing silent
    snow on the ice
    water below so cold
    Take a walk on Lake George
    Take a walk on Lake George
    In the snow
    magical snow
    a miracle of snow
    Hey Cousin Jimmy
    Do you remember Cousin Jimmy
    the magical night
    the night we walked on Lake George?

    All songs ©1996 by Rabbit Songs BMI


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words