Luck - Dirk Hamilton and Eric Westphal

    They say that travel broadens the mind
    I've been a travelin' fool
    and it ain't broadened mine
    I guess I'm dumb
    so can you please explain how come
    a true free-wheelin' poet, wild and young
    became a guitar bum

    Listen Lady Luck
    send a little good luck
    I'm just about to give up
    Send a little luck

    They say that time heals all wounds
    Well Doctor Tic Toc please clot this wound
    fairly soon
    because it aches and
    I'm developing the shakes
    and I am dreaming castle dungeons
    full of snakes
    I've paid for my mistakes

    Send a little luck
    specifying good luck
    I've had enough of bad luck
    Send a little luck

    To win the lottery would be o.k. with me
    I'd record a great CD
    then I'd finance an audience
    to love and obsess on me

    Hear me Lady Luck
    I would drive a dump truck
    all the way to Egypt
    for a little luck

    Listen Lady luck
    send a little good luck
    all my luck has dried up
    Send a little luck

    All songs ©1996 by Rabbit Songs BMI


    Marco Giunco
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