Don't Let Me Come Home a Stranger - Robin M. Williams, Jerome Clark

    As I walked out one evening, to breathe the air and sooth my mind
    I thought of friends and the home I had and all the things I left behind. Wo Oh!

    As silent stars shone on me, my eyes sought the far horizon
    As if to pierce this veil of time and escape this earthly prison. Wo Oh!

    Will there come a time when the memories fade, and pass on with the long, long years
    When the ties no longer bind, lord save me from this darkest fear
    Don't let me come home a stranger, I couldn't stand to be a stranger

    In this place so far from home, they know my name but they don't know me.
    They hear my voice, they see my face; but they lay no claim on me

    [Repeat Chorus]

    As I walk this universe, I free my mind of time and space
    I wander through this galaxy, but never do I find my place Wo Oh!

    [Repeat Chorus]

    by Robin M. Williams & Jerome Clark © 1983 The New Music Times, Inc. (BMI)


    Marco Giunco
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