The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - December '84
    1. Nickel and Dime (Cliff Eberhardt) 3:35 - Cliff Eberhardt
    2. Prisoners of Beauty (Brenda Linton) 3:37 - Robin Russell
    3. Railroad Bill (Andy Breckman) 3:28 - Andy Breckman
    4. Cruel Mother (Traditional) 6:02 - Cindy Mangsen
    5. Jane (Andrew Calhoun) 2:36 - Andrew Calhoun
    6. Seams and Dreams (Martha P.Hogan) 2:46 - Martha P.Hogan
    7. Moon Dancer (Lui Collins) 2:32 - Lui Collins
    8. Out of My Mind (John Gorka) 2:51 - John Gorka
    9. By Then (Lillie Palmer, Gladys Bragg) 5:50 - Lillie Palmer, Gladys Bragg
    10. Don't Let Me Come Home a Stranger (Robin M. Williams, Jerome Clark) 3:12 -  Robin &  Linda Williams
    11. Night Shift (Bill Morrissey) 3:12 - Bill Morrissey
    12. If We'd Never (Rod MacDonald) 3:05 - Rod MacDonald


    Cliff Eberhardt: Vocal, Guitar
    Mark Dann: Bass
    Robin Russell: Vocal, Guitar
    Andy Breckman: Vocal, Guitar
    Cindy Mangsen: Vocal, Guitar
    Andrew Calhoun: Vocal, Guitar
    Martha P. Hogan: Vocal, Guitar
    Lui Collins: Vocal, Guitar
    John Gorka: Vocal, Guitar
    Andy Polon: Lead Guitar
    Lillie Palmer: Vocal, Guitar 
    Gladys Bragg: Vocal
    Robin Williams: Vocal, Guitar
    Linda Williams: Vocal, Guitar
    Bill Morrissey: Vocal, Guitar
    Rod HacDonald: Vocal, Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Jack Hardy: Editor
    Nancy Talanian: Associate Editor, Advertising, Graphics Director
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Alan Beck: Photography Editor
    Giancarlo Biagi: Art & Photography Contributors
    Dennis De Vincenzo: Art & Photography Contributors, Cover
    Barry Fingerhut: Art & Photography Contributors
    Chuck Hancock: Art & Photography Contributors
    Charlie Hunter: Art & Photography Contributors, Production Staff
    Richard Meyer: Art & Photography Contributors, Literary Contributors, Prodution Staff
    Germana Pucci: Art & Photography Contributors, Production Staff
    Jeff Tiedrich: Art & Photography Contributors
    Bob Zaidman: Art & Photography Contributors
    Bonnie Jo Blankinship: Literary Contributors
    Gary Bohem: Literary Contributors
    Roger Deitz: Literary Contributors
    Mitchell Fritko: Literary Contributors
    Jean Freedman: Literary Contributors
    Angela Page Hardy: Literary Contributors, Production Staff
    Charlie Hunter: Literary Contributors
    Paul Kaplan: Literary Contributors
    Rod MacDonald: Literary Contributors
    Herbert A. Philbrick: Literary Contributors
    Byrne Power: Literary Contributors
    Brian Rose: Literary Contributors
    Sherwood Ross: Media Consultant
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    Tom Nash: Subscrictions, Correspondence
    Dianne Nash: Subscrictions, Correspondence
    Pat Cambouris: Subscrictions, Correspondence
    Ruth Ann Brauser: Production Staff
    Jay Byrd: Production Staff
    Lynn Lopes: Production Staff
    Rudy Lopes: Production Staff
    Jay Rosen: Production Staff,  Recording Engineer
    Sandy Simon: Recording Engineer
    John Hardy: Cover

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words