Out of My Mind - John Gorka

    You're out of my mind
    Guess that makes two of us...
    Being led by the blind
    It can't be true of us
    Taking lessons from the man
    Who sells the pencils on the corner
    Baby please where do I sign
    To prove you're out of my mind

    Forgetting with wine
    But that's not the half of it
    I'm crossing the line
    With one more carafe of it
    But really sheriff sir
    I wasn't doing over 50...
    Oh, you mean it was your car
    I took from Merle's Grill & Bar

    So I'm doing time
    And making license plates
    You're catching dimes
    Just off the Interstate
    Things could have been worse
    We could be cursing would-be children
    So how've you been I've been fine
    Since you've been out of my mind
    Out of my mind

    1984 by John Gorka

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words