The Proposition - Lou Reed

    You can't have the flower without the root
    You can't have the fire without the soot
    Even a stripper needs her red tasseled suit
    And we were meant to be

    In every war the North needs the south
    And everyone knows all assholes have a mouth
    Without mystery what would writers talk about
    And we were meant to be

    An apple needs pits the way melons need seed
    Your foot needs your arm and your arm needs your knee
    And one of these days I know you will need me
    We were meant to be ...

    You're mother's an ogre your father's a scamp
    You won't see my parents honored on any stamp
    But just like a bulb screws into a lamp
    We were meant to be

    The way the AIDS needs a vaccine
    Somewhere a vaccine needs AIDS
    The way a victim needs life
    A life needs to be saved
    And out of all of this
    Will come a better way
    We were meant to be

    So you can go to Europe , Los Angeles or Mars
    You can stand on a building throwing cinder blocks on cars
    You can practice deep voodoo
    But like me you'll see
    We were meant to be ...

    We were meant to be ...

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words