I Can't Be Your Hero Today -  Jimmy Buffett

    It's never been the same since you returned from dreamin'
    With your nursery rhyme excuses your picture postcards gleamin'
    Tellin' everyone who looks your way 'bout people and their sinnin'
    While your left field verse is fallin' in proportion to your winnin'

    And I can't be your hero today
    I'm through with the simple games you play
    It just may take some time for me to even up the score
    But I can't be your soldier home from war

    And there you sit shouting that there's still hope for us
    While nature holds the handcuffs on a Capricorn and Taurus
    There's nothing you can do or say to get me to your camp
    Go fill up all your savings books and buy yourself a lamp

    And I can't be your hero today
    Your wholesale price is much to high to pay
    A bargain basement atmosphere is no way to sell love
    And I can't be your Superman above

    No I can't be your hero today
    That is all I really want to say
    Go find a leading man who wants to play
    And I can't be your hero today


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words