Keep Texas Beautiful - Jerry Jeff Walker

    Texas in October, is about as pretty as it gets
    But Texas in the springtime, is even prettier yet
    You miss it so much when you're gone
    It's hard for you to say
    Texas gets more beautiful, with every passing day

    Got a letter from my family,
    Said they'd had a lot of rain
    It washed away the cotton crops,
    But all and all they can't complain
    'Cause the bluebonnets are about to bloom again,
    And Ginger finally had her colt
    In Texas they don't worry much,
    About things they can't control

    Keep Texas beautiful, keep Texas free
    Keep her wild and natural,
    Just the way she ought to be

    This world is full of man-made wonders,
    Texas didn't come that way
    No, Texas came out beautiful,
    Why not keep her that way?

    I've been out here working hard,
    Trying to make ends meet but a float trip down the Rio Grande
    Would sure do a lot for me
    A good night's sleep under a lot of stars
    With a sunrise crisp and clean
    And the smell of coffee boiling,
    By a big old pot of beans


    So in my dreams I'm driving home,
    I can see my daddy's face
    He's standing by the live oak tree,
    In our yard on Canyon Lake
    And I'm driving under miles and miles
    Of clear blue Texas skies
    Some strangers in a pick-up truck,
    Turn and wave as I drive by


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words