Some Phone Numbers - Jerry Jeff Walker

    For some kicks I went drinking, with some old hounds I ran with
    While you were away for the day
    Now the guys hadn't changed much, the scene seemed the same
    In the way that the night games are played

    Without you I'd be one of the ones who just stumble
    And grab any soft place to fall
    Where each day begins with a walk out some doorway
    With some phone numbers you'll never call

    As the evening drank on, we got more into basics
    About loves lost and friends we have known
    Well, Big John, he's bankrupt, and Old Lucky's in jail
    And Fast Eddie's still living alone


    Starting all over would be more than I could handle
    I don't think my lines would ring true
    Looking for love in the arms of a stranger
    Is more than I'm willing to do


    That night I drove home, past the houses for sale
    Their plans had all come to an end
    There's no blueprint for livin', no one has your answers
    But we're given some clues now and then


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words