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    Learning To P'like MAY 22,1969.
    The Wurstbottoms motored to Big Flat Wed. of this week and spent with relatives. Mr. Spite, White, will conduct a one-day "Supposium " for adults at the Park Side Road in Grapetown Fri. (That's short for Friday to save space in the newspaper.) I will be the instructor. Mr. Spite has saw what a good job I've did with the Luckenbach kids in teachin' 'em to p'like. You know-- play like. He wants me to teach lost adults how to p'like. (P'like is when you p'like you'r a aviator, p'like you'r a engineer, or p'like you'r a nurse.) You see, children can't laugh at their ownself or their little humorous errors sp to have fun some of them p'like. It is my job to teach children to p'like. Many adults grow plumb up never havin' p'liked, never learn to laugh at their funny owns elf. This is bad said Mr. Spite, White, and it sometimes causes wars. (This must mean some adults are still children) . That's not true here in Luckenbach. We go to the post office in the evenin' , drink a beer, suppose we're rich and p'like we're smart and laugh at each other in the face. No one gets mad or goes on the war path 'cause we all grew up p'likin'.
    Plan to attend the Supposium in Grapetown and see adults p'likin'. Suppose you come home happy. Suppose you'r fat. Suppose you'r a bear and I p'like I throw a pie in your face! Ain't that funny, and that's what life's all about.
    Peter Cedarstacker, Writer
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    Luckenbach Women's Lib SEPT.24, 1971
    Me and mama walked to Luckenbach again last night and bought some flour at the post office- beer joint. Mama said she sure wisht she had a car. She's tired o' walkin' to town. I told her to get a burro like me.
    The Luckenbach Chamber of Commerce happens to meet that night and there I was, not with my refresh-ment tub. We really meet every night at the post office but when Mrs. Wurstbottom, president, stands up on the apricot box and waves a beer bottle, brother, the meetin' comes to order and it's very official. We talked of women, chili, and Luckenbach, and while Mrs. Wurstbottom was still standin'  with the beer bottle in her hand, all us men became sympathizers of the "Women's Lib" movement. All the Luckenbach men agreed that womenfolk should have more rights like cookin ' chili in a contest, scrubbin'  the floors, diggin' the garden, sloppin' the hogs, guttin' the deer, and milkin' the cow. They can have the babies too.
    What we don't like is when the women want to ride in the front of tha pickup. Mr. Spite spoilt his'n last winter. Now, every time it rains she wants to ride in the front with her husband and the dog.
    Man has been pickin' on women ever since he figured out they wern't men, so us here in Luckenbach have decided to take up for womenfolk and let them have a place of their own to cook chili and show off where nobody'll see 'em.
    Peter Cedarstacker, Writer
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