What I Like About Texas - Gary P. Nunn

    You ask me what I like about Texas
    I tell you it's the wide open spaces!
    It's everything between
    The Sabine and the Rio Grande.

    It's the Llano Estacado,
    It's the Brazos and the Colorado;
    It's spirit of the people
    Who share this land!

    It's another burrito,
    With a cold Lone Star in my hand
    It's a quarter for the jukebox boys
    Austin, Texas Band

    You ask me what I like about Texas
    It's the big timber qround Nacogdoches
    It's driving El Camino Real
    Down to San Antone

    It's the River Walk and Mi Tierra
    And it's Dancing to the Cotton-Eyed Joe
    It's stories
    of the Menger Hotel and Alamo!
    (You remember the Alamo!)

    Repeat chorus twice

    Now, you ask me what I like about Texas
    It's Bluebonnets
    And indian paintbrushes
    It's swimming in the sacred waters
    of Barton Springs

    And it's body surfing the Frio
    And it's Saturday night in Del Rio!
    Driving across the border
    For some cultural exchange!

    Repeat chorus twice

    That's what I like about Texas...

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words