Gettin' By - Jerry Jeff Walker

    Okay buckaroos--, Here we go again
    Gonna Try and slide one by you once more
    Don't matter how you do it
    Gonna do it like we know what we're doing
    Like we been down that road
    Once or twice before

    Just gettin' by on gettin' by
    Is my stock in trade
    Living it day to day
    Pickin' up the pieces wherever they fall
    Just letting it roll,
    Letting the high times carry the low
    And I'm living my life
    Easy come, easy go

    Seems like only yesterday
    We rolled into this town
    A band of pickers
    Nobody ever heard before
    Now we're all sportin' beer bellies
    We got some glasses
    And a bunch of grey hair
    We been down this road
    Once or twice before

    Chorus twice

    Well, the old dancehall's still standing
    Though it needs some repairs
    A lot of cowboy boots
    Have slide over these floors
    Well, I ain't no spring chicken, either-
    My dance card's sure been punched
    And'Ive been down this road
    Once or twice before


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words