I Will Follow - James Taylor

    Yonder mountain so high
    I can't make it all on my own, no
    Rolling river why so wide?
    To sweep me up and to bear me on
    Up against the sky so bright
    That I can't even close my eyes

    I know I will follow (Follow love)
    Yes, yes, I will follow (Follow love)
    I will follow (Follow love)
    Follow love

    Growing slowly like a tree
    Someday soon, darling I love you
    I love you
    Soft and gentle, full Summer moon
    Set my soul free
    Thank you, baby
    Drifting like a cloud in the sky
    I can see myself from high above

    I know I must follow (Follow love)
    Somehow I will follow (Follow love)
    I must follow (Follow love)
    Follow love

    Oh, half the future and half the past
    They're waiting inside your eyes
    Yes, and after all of this
    To last and last
    Till at last it's your time to rise, rise

    True believer that I am
    I am blind, lead me on (lead me on)
    Blessed receiver of your love
    I own my own time
    And I've been holding on (holding on)
    Leave the word unspoken
    And the spell will not be broken

    And I'm bound to follow, now (Follow love)
    I know I must go (Follow love)
    I must follow (Follow love)
    Yes, I must follow (Follow love)
    Someone to hold my hand (Follow love)
    Somebody to lead me on(Follow love)
    Somebody to walk beside me (Follow love)
    Someone to follow me now (Follow love)
    I must follow love (Follow love)
    I will fall in love
    I will follow love (Follow love)
    Anywhere it leads me
    I will follow love (Follow love)
    Follow love


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words