New Hymn - James Taylor, Reynolds Price 
    Source of all we hope or dread

    Sheepdog, jackyl, rattler, swan
    We hunt your face and long to trust
    That your hid mouth will say again let there be light
    A clear new day

    But when we thirst in this dry night
    We drink from hot wells poisoned with the blood of children
    And when we strain to hear a steady homing beam
    Our ears are balked by stiffled moans
    And howls of desolation from the throats of sisters, brother, wild men
    Clawing at the gates for bread

    Even our own feeble hands
    Aim to seize the crown you wear
    And work our private havock through
    The known and unknown lands of space

    Absolute in flame beyond us
    Seed and source of Dark and Day
    Maker whom we beg to be
    Our mother father comrade mate

    Til our few atoms blow to dust
    Or form again in wiser lives
    Or find your face and hear our name
    In your calm voice the end of night
    If dark may end
    Wellspring gold of Dark and Day
    Be here, be now


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words