I Got You - Dwight Yoakam
    I've had to buy back damn near everything I own

    From a little man whose name is Saul
    And has a lot of money to loan
    I drive a beat up '67 Chevrolet
    With a torn up seat
    That pokes a brand new hole in my back near every day
    I got a letter from the folks over at Bell
    Just to let me know for my next phone call
    I could walk outside and yell
    Hey, I know my life seems a mess
    But honey, things to me still look real swell

    'Cause I got you to see me through
    Yeah, I've got you to chase my blues
    I've got you to ease my pain
    Yeah, I've got you, girl, to keep me sane
    So let them do what they want to do
    'Cause it don't matter long as I've got you

    I've got the landlord breathing down my neck for rent
    He don't give a damn about my kids or where the money was spent
    And after all those years of payin' union dues
    It sure don't seem to count for much when we got our layoff news
    I got a note from the man over at the bank
    Said the next 10 gallons of gas I buy won't be going in my tank
    Hey, I know I might seem near dead
    But honey, I think I might just get well

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Yeah, let 'em go right ahead and sue
    'Cause it don't matter long as I got you


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words