Traffic Jam - James Taylor
    Damn this traffic jam

    How I hate to be late
    It hurts my motor to go so slow
    Damn this traffic jam
    Time I get home my supper'll be cold
    Damn this traffic jam

    Well I left my job about 5 o'clock
    It took fifteen minutes go three blocks
    Just in time to stand in line
    With a freeway looking like a parking lot

    - Chorus -

    Now I almost had a heart attack
    Looking in my rear view mirror
    I saw myself the next car back
    Looking in the rear view mirror
    'Bout to have a heart attack
    I said

    - Chorus -

    Now when I die I don't want no coffin
    I thought about it all too often
    Just strap me in behind the wheel
    And bury me with my automobile

    - Chorus -


    Now I used to think that I was cool
    Running around on fossil fuel
    Until I saw what I was doing
    Was driving down the road to ruin


    Marco Giunco
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