Fanfare - James Taylor
    Someone turn the time on

    Another day, dead and gone
    A lifetime is slippin' away, babe
    But as far as I can see
    That doesn't apply to you and me
    We are high above the family tree
    Hidden in the deep blue sea

    Industry on parade
    Punch a clock 9-to-5
    But beginning is beginning to fade away
    Ah, but look out from now on, baby
    As far as the eye can see
    Unafraid to be free
    Shinin' on  the silver sea
    You and me, we got to be movin'

    Pickin' up, carry on
    Lead you children right on
    Carry on, carry on

    Heaven knows I love you
    Don't you know that it's true yourself
    Looks like you and me baby
    Dancin' by the shinin' sea


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words