The Story of Someone's Shoe - Paul Weller

    It's either -
    Something in their eyes or something in the drink
    But whatever it is they both stop and think
    There's no going back and nothing above
    It's lust or loneliness - but never love.
    She takes a breath as he takes his keys
    First name terms is the extent of it
    there's no getting out as they're going in
    But by tomorrow they both will begin

    To regret and renege on a bond they have struck
    A small price to pay and casual luck
    Some lose nothing - some lose a lot
    But whatever we have is all we have got.

    He takes her hand and leads to the room
    In half light and silence for their clothes to remove
    There's doubt in her mind but hope in her heart
    That this last one of many may be the start.

    So they wriggle and writhe for an hour or two
    But time has no place when two are consumed.
    They moan and they gasp but they don't really speak
    As no conversation could fit this scene.

    And tomorrow as always, always comes
    As she slips away - he still dumb
    He felt the urge just as she felt the need
    Now the need to get out, still carrying his seed,
    Which trickles down her leg and onto her shoe
    Onto the pavement and then out of view
    Into the gutter and down into a drain
    Joining a river and there to remain -

    There's no going back and there's nothing above
    It's lust and loneliness that drives us along

    It's lust and loneliness - but it's seldom love.

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words