With Everything to Lose - Paul Weller, Steve White

    From the playground to the wasteground
    Hope ends at 17 -
    Sweeping floors and filling shelves
    Forced into government schemes -
    11 years spent to dig out ditches,
    Forget your schoolday dreams -
    Guarantees and lie-filled speeches,
    But nothings what it seems -
    Qualified and patronised and with everything to lose.
    No choice or chance for the future
    The rich enjoy less tax -
    Dress the girls in pretty pink
    The shit goes to the blacks
    A generation's heart torn out
    And covered up the facts
    The only thing they'll understand
    Is a wall against their backs
    The only hope now left for those - with everything to lose.

    In desperation empty eyes,
    Signed up and thrown away -
    There's drugs replacing dignity,
    The short sharp shock repaid -
    There'll be no money if you dare to question
    Working the Tory way -
    The truth is up there carved in stone,
    Where 21 dead now lay -
    A family's loss for a few pounds saved -
    With everything to lose.

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words