Luck - Mick Talbot, Paul Weller

    Luck fell in the right place for me
    The day you happend to come by -
    You caught me feeling all was useless
    And left me feeling ten feet high
    Now nothing again will be quite the same
    You gathered my fears and threw them away

    Luck dropped in just at the right time
    The time when I felt most alone -
    All my dreams had seemed to vanish
    Now my nightmares have upped and gone

    I'm not scared of farewells, nothing's the same twice
    I stride through the day and I float through the night

    How much choice do we have in this?
    Like some almighty hand smashing your life into pieces
    One day you're washed and drowned -
    And the next minute you're put back on land

    Now nothing again can be quite the same
    I gather my fears and I throw them away

    Luck - when you hold me closely
    Ooh - feels like summertime
    Luck - when you hold my hand
    I - want it all the time

    Luck - in your country kisses
    Ooh - I love your outlook
    Luck - in your hills and valleys
    Go on talking my babbling brook!

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words