A Stones Throw Away - Paul Weller

    For liberty there is a cost - its broken skulls and leather cosh,
    From the boys in uniform - now you know whose side their on -
    With backing - with blessing,
    From earthly gods not heaven,
    A stones throw away from it all.

    Whatever pleasures those who get - from stripping skin with rhino whip,
    Are the kind that must be stopped - before their kind take all we've got -
    With loving - with caring,
    They take great pride in working,
    The stones throw away from it all.

    Whenever honesty persists - you'll hear the snap of broken ribs,
    Of anyone who'll take no more - of the lying bastards roar -
    In Chile - In Poland,
    Johannesburg - South Yorkshire,
    A stones throw away: Now we're there.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words