Come to Milton Keynes - Paul Weller

    May I walk you home tonight
    On this fine and lovely night tonight -
    We'll walk past the luscious houses,
    Through rolling lawns and lovely flowers -
    Our nice new town where the curtains are drawn
    Where hope is started and dreams can be borne.
    Let us share our insanity
    Go mad together in Community
    Boys on the corner looking for their supper
    Boys round the green looking for some slaughter -
    We used to chase dreams now we chase the dragon
    Mine is the semi with the Union Jack on.

    In our paradise lost we'll be finding our sanity
    In this paradise found we'll be losing our way -
    For a brave new day.

    May I slash my wrists tonight,
    On this fine Conservative night tonight -
    I was looking for a job so I came to town
    I easily adopt when the chips are down -
    I read the ad about the private schemes
    I liked the idea but now I'm not so Keyne.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words