July, You're A Woman - John Stewart

    I can't hold it on the road when you're sittin' right beside me,
    And I'm drunk out of my mind merely from the fact that you are here.
    Yeah, and I have not been known as the Saint of San Joaquin,
    And I'd just as soon right now pull on over to the side of the road and show you what I mean.

    La da da da da da da.
    La da da da da da da.
    July, you're a woman, more than any one I've ever known.

    Yeah, and I can't hold my eyes on the white line out before me
    When you're hand is on my collar and you're talkin' in my ear.
    Oh, and I have been around with a gypsy girl named Shannon, daughter of the devil.
    It is strange that I should mention that to you, 'cause I haven't thought of her in years.

    Marco Giunco
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