Razor Back Woman - John Stewart

    I still can remember Pa coming home drunk
    With the boys from the Union Hall station.
    And it's hard to believe all the words that I read
    We are living in God's favourite nation.
    And I knew he was ill from the size of his pills,
    They choked on the preacher's salvation.
    And to know that his blood still flows in my veins
    As I fall for each two-eyed temptation.

    And the razor back woman who stood by his side
    Is skinny and fixing to die.
    Oh the razor back woman is calling me home
    And she cries,oh my God how she cries.

    I was only fourteen and my dad he was mean
    When his face shined a river of sweat.
    Oh he started yelling,"You'll go straight to hell,
    You're young and your ears are still wet."
    When the other young boys were enjoying their toys
    He gave me my first cigarette.
    And I'd like to say that those were the days
    My sprung lungs won't ever forget.


    Marco Giunco
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