King of the World - Walter Becker, Donald Fagen
    Hello one and all

    Was it you I used to know
    Can't you hear me call
    On this old ham radio
    All I got to say
    I'm alive and feeling fine
    If you come my way
    You can share my poison wine

    No marigolds in the promised land
    There's a hole in the ground
    Where they used to grow
    Any man left on the Rio Grande
    Is the king of the world
    As far as I know

    I don't want your bread
    I don't need your helping hand
    I can't be no savage
    I can't be no highwayman
    Show me where you are
    You and I will spend this day
    Driving in my car
    Through the ruins of Santa Fe

    Repeat Chorus

    I'm reading last year's papers
    Although I don't know why
    Assassins cons and rapers
    Might as well die

    If you come around
    No more pain and no regrets
    Watch the sun go brown
    Smoking cobalt cigarettes
    There's no need to hide
    Taking things the easy way
    If I stay inside
    I might live til Saturday

    Repeat Chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words