When You're Alone - Bruce Springsteen

    Times were tough love was not enough
    So you said sorry Johnny I'm gone gone gone
    You said my act was funny
    But we both knew what was missing honey
    So you let out on your own
    Now that pretty form that you've got baby
    Will make sure you get along
    But you're gonna find out someday honey

    When you're alone you're alone
    When you're alone you're alone
    When you're alone you're alone
    When you're alone you ain't nothing but alone

    Now I was young and pretty on the mean streets of the city
    And I fought to make 'em my home
    With just the shirt on my back I left and swore I'd never look back
    And man I was gone gone gone
    But there's things that'll knock you down you don't even see coming
    And send you crawling like a baby back home
    You're gonna find out that day sugar


    I knew some day your runnin' would be through
    And you'd think back on me and you
    And your love would be strong
    You'd forget all the bad and think only of all the laughs that we had
    And you'd wanna come home
    Now it ain't hard feelings or nothin' sugar
    That ain't what's got me singing this song
    It's just nobody knows baby where love goes
    But when it goes it's gone gone



    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words