All That Heaven Will Allow - Bruce Springsteen

    I got a dollar in my pocket
    there ain't a cloud up above
    I got a picture in a locket
    that says baby I love you
    Well if you didn't look then boys
    then fellas don't go lookin' now
    Well here she comes a-walkin'
    all that heaven will allow

    Say hey there mister bouncer
    now all I wanna do is dance
    But I swear I left my wallet
    back home in my workin' pants
    C'mon Slim slip me in man
    I'll make it up to you somehow
    I can't be late I got a date
    with all that heaven will allow

    Rain and storm and dark skies
    well now they don't mean a thing
    If you got a girl that loves you
    and who wants to wear your ring
    So c'mon mister trouble
    we'll make it through you somehow
    We'll fill this house with all the love
    all that heaven will allow

    Now some may wanna die young man
    young and gloriously
    Get it straight now mister
    hey buddy that ain't me
    'Cause I got something on my mind
    that sets me straight and walkin' proud
    And I want all the time
    all that heaven will allow


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words