Mary Queen of Arkansas - Bruce Springsteen

    Mary Queen of Arkansas, it's not too early for dreamin'
    The sky is grown with cloud seed sown and a bastard's love can be redeeming
    Mary, my queen, your soft hulk is reviving
    No, you're not too late to desecrate, the servants are just rising
    Well I'm just a lonely acrobat, the live wire is my trade
    I've been a shine boy for your acid brat and a wharf rat of your state
    Mary, my queen, your blows for freedom are missing
    You're not man enough for me to hate or woman enough for kissing

    The big top is for dreamers, we can take the circus all the way to the border
    And the gallows wait for martyrs whose papers are in order
    But I was not born to live to die and you were not born for queenin'
    It's not too late to infiltrate, the servants are just leavin'

    Mary queen of Arkansas, your white skin is deceivin'
    You wake and wait to lie in bait and you almost got me believin'
    But on your bed Mary I can see the shadow of a noose
    I don't understand how you can hold me so tight and love me so damn loose

    But I know a place where we can go Mary
    Where I can get a good job and start all over again clean
    I got contacts deep in Mexico where the servants have been seen


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words