Every Time I See You Smile - Chris Rea

    Sat out a card game in a motel room
    Don't let the muzak drive you crazy late at night
    They tell me it's all part of the deal I'm in
    Well I close my eyes, put memory into sight

    Every time I see you smile

    Now the lady tabs your case, leaves you thinking
    An hour or so: I hope she's right on time
    And you dream away your touchdown destination
    Now single file and put yourself back in line

    But oh, every time I see you smile

    Now this old world don't give much for choosing
    You can spend a lifetime driving yourself wild
    But I can take its punches laughing - don't mind losing
    Just as long as I get to see you smile every once in a while

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words