Edith And The Kingpin - Joni Mitchell

    The big man arrives
    Disco dancers greet him
    Plainclothes cops greet him
    Small town, big man, fresh lipstick glistening
    Sophomore jive
    From victims of typewriters
    The band sounds like typewriters
    The big man he's not listening
    His eyes hold Edith
    His left hand holds his right
    What does that hand desire
    That he grips it so tight

    Edith in the ring
    The passed-over girls are conferring
    The man with the diamond ring is purring
    All claws for now withdrawn
    One by one they bring
    His renegade stories to her
    His crimes and his glories to her
    In challenge they look on
    Women he has wanted grow old too soon
    He tilts their tired faces
    Gently to the spoon

    Edith in his bed
    A plane in the rain is humming
    The wires in the walls are humming
    Some song-some mysterious song
    Bars in her head
    Beating frantic and snowblind
    Romantic and snowblind
    She says-his crime belongs
    Edith and the Kingpin
    Each with charm to sway
    Are staring eye to eye
    They dare not look away
    You know they dare not look away

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words